Call us any time you need help with getting a broken lock fixed, getting unstuck from a lockout situation or when you want to explore an entirely new set of locks and keys for your home or business in Singapore.

We are Singapore locksmiths services who never overcharge. We understand that our customers need fast, dependable service and that they may need it in the middle of the night. Our services include unlocking and replacing locks for businesses, homes, gates, front doors, room doors, windows, safes, and any car or truck.

We provide our services all day, every day and serve the local area. Whether you are locked out and need us in a hurry or you want to see what new locks and keys you can get for your new home or businesses, give us a call. We do rekeying services and can install new locks on doors and gates as well as help you with installing a new alarm system.

In Singapore many businesses and homes have a need for the 2 in 1 system. You need a single key to open a gate as well as a main door. We can make you a key to suit this need perfectly for your home.

Experts Make the Difference

Our locksmiths are highly trained and have years of experience unlocking doors and installing locks in many buildings in Singapore. They know how to handle any situation and endeavor to get the job done immediately. You will not have to wait for them to return to complete the work a day or two later. They have all the tools and skills needed to fix locks the moment they arrive.

We offer you a written quote. You will know exactly what you will pay the moment your situation has been assessed. We never overcharge because we never have to. We get the work done perfectly the first time we are called to do it. If you ever have a question or if an issue arises we are happy to work with you until the matter is resolved.

We understand that lockouts are never planned and they never happen on a schedule. We want you to be comfortable with our services so that you know who to call in this big city when you need help. You can trust us to get you back into your car, office or home at a price that you can afford.

Give us a call now. Find out more about the services we offer for rekeying homes and installing alarm systems. Work with us when you are not in an emergency and see how well things go. You will know that you can trust us whenever do find yourself in an emergency.

See more about our excellent service by reading the reviews past customers have left for us. We work hard to make sure all of our customers are happy with us. Our response times are prompt and we make sure you are always completely satisfied with our work, so dont hesistate to contact singapore locksmith.