Not every bathroom and home have the luxury of using a traditional swinging door on the bathroom. A bi-fold door uses half the space of a swinging door, but that is not the only reason to consider one.

Why else would you consider using a bi-fold door on your bathroom? Beauty.

Most traditional bathroom doors are simple, plain, functional, and unattractive. Admit it. When you look at your current bathroom door does it say anything special about your home, or does it just sit there in all of its white glory waiting for someone to step through?

A bi fold toilet door can be just as boring if you like simplistic, but it can also be dramatic and beautiful. As an example, one popular door company makes a bi-fold door which gives you the option of having between 2 and 12 different colored panels built into the door. Imagine your bathroom door filled with colorful panels matching your favorite colors, or complementing the colors of your home. The bathroom door won’t be boring anymore.

Another door company took a different direction to turn bathroom doors into something special. Their base door is built with simple colored laminated glass panels, but then they decorate them with incredible patterns including musical notes, beach scenes, Japanese doors, and large print florals. Your bathroom can look like the entrance to a magical place, instead of just another boring bathroom.

One of my favorites is a bi-fold door with frosted glass. The gold tinted metal frame paired with the frosted glass gives a great appearance to the ensuite bathroom without wasting bedroom or bathroom space for door swing room. It provides a sensual peek into the ensuite without revealing anything at all.

Kids love the options to create colorful doors which lead into their bathroom. It can change their bath time attitude by making the bathroom door an entry to magical bubble baths. Take your kids along to the home improvement store and let them see all the options to make their bathroom look fantastic.

Sometimes, it is not a matter of beauty or space. You need to save money on a good quality bathroom door. A bi-fold door may be the solution here, too. You can get a simple bi-fold door with an aluminum frame and acrylic panels cheaper than most standard doors. You get the combination of low price and saving door room at the same time.

Are there any other advantages to the bi fold toilet door? The watertight seal is another advantage. Since bi-fold doors use a top and bottom frame for the door to slide in, it provides more water sealing capability than a traditional swing open door. This makes it ideal for your bathroom where water is always an issue.

Of course, almost everyone starts their hunt for a bi-fold bathroom door because they need to save space, but as you can see, that should never make you feel cheated. You have an opportunity to make your bathroom unique and special. The incredible design options and wide range of materials give you a chance to let your imagination free to create. For more about this, you can visit a5 door FB